In-N-Out Burger, Austin, TX

Cult of California or scar of Texas? It depends who you ask. For everyone moving to Austin from California, it’s a taste of home. For everyone living in Texas not from California, it can be a painful reminder of Austin’s insane growth and the issues that come with it.

With this growth, In-N-Out Burgers are popping up everywhere in Austin and the surrounding areas. I decided to visit the I35 and Parmer one not once, but three times to finally get the “animal style” thing right.

One thing I really like about In-N-Out Burger is the simplicity in their menu and business model. When I studied for my MBA, I found the case studies I read about In-N-Out Buger to be absolutely amazing. This simple business model has pushed my business thinking to simplify things to the core or “In-N-Out Burger it.”

With that being said, I often question why it takes so long to get an order out. I know they focus on making it fresh but it seems like it does take forever to get an order out. You think since they only serve burgers, they could count the people in line and start making the burgers ahead of time since they know each person will at least get one burger. You will sit there waiting a while.

While it takes forever to get your food, I will say this is one of the cleanest restaurants I have came across in Austin. The tables shine and there’s someone constantly cleaning!

The tropical feel on everything is cool and you can see the table shining in the background.

The first trip I got a regular burger and fries to try it out. I will say it did taste fresh, so the trade-off in wait is kind of worth it.

The second trip I ordered the meal “animal style.” Well I found I needed to specify both the burger and fries to get both, so I only got an animal style burger with regular fries.

On my third trip, I finally got both animal style fries and an animal style burger. Overall, it was pretty good. Being a native Wisconsinite, the cheese wasn’t the best, but I don’t except California cheese to compare to Wisconsin cheese no matter how often they try to say, “happy cows come from California.”

My overall verdict on In-N-Out Burger is it’s good overall. I can see why Californians like it. If they got a little better cheese, I might rate it higher. I still love the simple business model and won’t shy away from going back. Maybe more Texans will warm up to it as time goes on (or in many cases I have a feeling they’ll be content with Whataburger).