A Wisconsin 50th Wedding Anniversary

Just like Wisconsin Weddings, a 50th wedding anniversary party is just that, a party. There are usually a lot of people who know the couple so the guest list is usually long. As you can see, the parking lot was packed.

When I took my Cougar out to another wedding or my Grandpas funeral, you may have seen this Torino. Eugene, the guy who we were celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary, brought it out again. The crazy thing is he is the original owner.

As I said, there were a lot of people invited. I heard something around 400. The whole volleyball area of the bar was filled with tables.

There was another table with some treats and other pictures and memories.

For a while, many people mingled around the bar.

Just like Wisconsin weddings, they just pour a bunch of pitchers and have them ready for people to grab.

Eventually, people made their way to the tables.

The food was catered in. They had pulled pork and turkey along with a bunch of other good stuff.

Eventually they cleared a few tables and the band started playing.

In case you got a bit hungry from all the dancing or the beer munchies, there were a bunch of snacks. Keeping with the Wisconsin tradition, there was cheese, sausage, and of course cheese curds (and a bunch of other stuff).

I definitely loaded my plate.

Now the happy couple does a lot of traveling and does spend some time down South in their motor home during the winter. You might think you're in Texas the way they were dressed when they came out to dance.

It was definitely a fun time and I was happy I could be in Wisconsin to celebrate. Congratulations Eugene and Beat on 50 happy years together and hopefully there are many more to come!

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