Getting the Cougar Out 2016

Since I moved to Texas, coming up to Wisconsin and being able to drive my Cougar is a bit of a treat. People in Texas drive like idiots, especially in congested Austin, so I do not want to take my car down there. Also, it would cost a fortune to garage it since I don’t have a place in Austin with a garage. I guess I’m in Wisconsin enough that I can drive it a couple hundred miles a year. Last year, I also blogged about cruising around in my Cougar. This year, I did the same, but I have some additional dashcam video from my Garmin VIRB, as well as some 360 video. Starting the Cougar up the first time after it has been sitting all winter is always nerve racking. I had my dad trickle charge the battery before I came up. The first attempt to start the Cougar did not work. Now I found two dead mice in the traps so I feared the worst

The first thing I did was go to Advance Auto and have them test the battery. They told me the battery was good and also fully charged. This definitely got me thinking it was something else or some wires had been chewed. I called my dad and he came into town to look at it with me. He brought some battery terminal cleaners and cleaned the terminals. That did the trick! We decided to take it out for a ride and I opened it up a little bit. I do a decent amount of cruising up and down Central Avenue (main street) in Marshfield. I stopped to take a quick picture.

I found out they do some cruises on a regular basis in Auburndale, which is just down the road from Marshfield. They were going to go to Lindsey Bar, which is down the road from my parent’s house so my parents decided to go with me. We pulled into the parking lot and people started to gather. There were a lot of people my parents knew from when they had their 1970 Mach 1 Mustang.

The cruise itself was fun. The mishaps that happened early in the cruise weren’t. Upon coming out of the parking lot, I bottomed out on a pothole. The only damage I noticed was my license plate was a little bent.

Upon coming out, the hood wasn’t fully latched, so I had to pull over and get it fully latched. Then I ran over this piece of garbage on the road. After that everything went smooth. I didn’t stop at Lindsey Bar because my parents needed to get home. I did take the car out a bit more during the rest of my visit to Wisconsin. I also took a cruise up main street Marshfield. It is always fun driving around in the Cougar. It is sitting ready and waiting to go when I come up again later in the summer.