Feltz Tire, Marshfield, WI

I’ve known Dustin Feltz for a while. We were friends in high school and roommates in college when we both went to Herzing University. In many ways, Dustin’s dad Rodney is a crazy genius. I’m going to say crazy because he was always the guy who would do crazy stuff like jump buses and crash the bus into a motorhome at Marshfield Motor Speedway during the Eve of Devastation. Rodney would always be doing some crazy stunts, which by all means were cool as heck, but it really made you often wonder how he never got seriously hurt. Now with that craziness came the genius part. Rodney was always dabbling in something and found his niche around the automotive industry and recycling anything from bullet casings from military bases to tires. The tires thing really took off and Feltz Tire has become one of the premier used tire dealers that sells many specialty tires you can’t find elsewhere. If you’re a redneck and want to really jack up your truck and have huge tires, Feltz Tire is the place to go! I decided to drop by Feltz Tire and talk with Dustin a bit. Dustin takes care of a lot of the day-to-day operations. We talked a while and then he let me walk around and take some pictures. They have a really cool operation going and it’s probably one of the most unique businesses in Marshfield! Besides the tires, there’s a lot of really cool toys and memorabilia there.

They even organize and sponsor the Hub City Days car show!

If you’re ever looking for unique tires, Feltz Tires has them. Their website is https://feltztire.com/ and you can find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FeltzTire/