Melody Gardens Restaurant, Marshfield, WI

“You can get anything you want at Melody Gardens.” This is what my dad said when I was explaining the food variety part of small-town claustrophobia. In many ways, he’s not wrong about Melody Gardens. They do have a wide variety of American food (I was complaining that I couldn’t find things like curry). Their food is cheap and it’s a local favorite. While breakfast was free at Hotel Marshfield, it was expensive at the Holiday Inn. The two nights we stayed at Holiday Inn during our vow renewal and second wedding reception, we realized it was a no brainer to get breakfast at Melody Gardens. I mean it was just down the road and the breakfast was half the price! Melody Gardens originally opened as a roller-skating rink. They eventually added an ice cream parlor. Later a full restaurant was added to get it to where it is today.

The place always seems to be packed. We were lucky to get a seat.

We got our menus and coffee. There is a wide variety of food and it’s dirt cheap! On the second day we went to Melody Gardens, Victoria’s dad joined us. He asked how they stayed in business with food so cheap. If there’s one thing about Melody Gardens, they can draw a crowd and they appear to be doing really well business-wise.

The first day I got a ham and cheese omelette with mushrooms. That really hit the spot!

Victoria got some pancakes.

After eating, we paid the bill and I got some pictures of their homemade ice cream. It’s awesome that they make ice cream right there!

They also make pies.

The next day we came back to another packed parking lot.

Victoria got more pancakes. I got the 2 eggs, potato, meat, and toast for a whopping $5.05! That’s cheaper than McDonalds!

While Melody Gardens might not have curry or other non-American foods, they have a great selection of traditional American food. Price-wise they literally compete with McDonald’s. Quality-wise they’re one of the best in Marshfield. This is definitely a place you get value for your money and I can see why the parking lot is always packed!