GoodFellas Pub, Marshfield, WI

In many ways, I kind of missed a gem of a bar when I lived in Marshfield. It’s not that I didn’t go to Goodfellas Pub, but I typically didn’t go there at the right times to realize how great of a bar it is. When I drank in Marshfield, I would usually start at Nutz Deep or the Brew Pub. I’d then walk to The Swamp and then maybe to Goodfellas before it closed. If I did get there before bar close, it was right before bar close and I was feeling pretty good by then. If it was after bar close, I’d walk past it on to the Kwik Trip to get something to eat, and then finish my walk back to my apartment. After my most recent visit when I was up in Wisconsin, I realized that Goodfellas should have been one of my first stops instead of last stops. I found out it’s more than just a bar. It’s a quirky place to hang out that really supports local music.

By support local music, they literally have a stage fully setup and ready to go with instruments. If a band decided to drop by, everything is good to go for them to start playing.

Another cool thing is they have two jukeboxes.

One jukebox is the standard internet jukebox with mainstream music. The other jukebox is a reclaimed CD jukebox that contains CDs of local bands that have played at the bar. The band may have played a while back, but their music lives on in that jukebox. This is the first bar I’ve seen do this and it’s pretty awesome!

One thing Goodfellas realizes is when you have the beer munchies, you have the beer munchies. There’s no little “fun size” bags of chips here. It’s full size to satisfy the hungriest of patrons!

And by patrons, you get some interesting people to come in the door. Some guy came in with his parakeet. That thing was trained well and I even got to have it sit on my shoulder.

I would say Goodfellas is one of the coolest bars in Marshfield. I really want to come when they have live music. I really liked the atmosphere and I can’t believe I didn’t drop by this place a bunch more when I lived in Marshfield. I see they’re going strong, so I know on a future visit I’ll be back!