Drive-Thru Milk

In Wisconsin, everyone pretty much drinks milk with every meal. Even at the wedding, there was milk. My girlfriend thinks this is very weird, but I guess when the license plates literally say, “America’s Dairyland,” you’re basically swimming in milk anyway so you might as well drink it often. In Marshfield, Weber’s Farm has been around forever. They even have a drive thru to get your milk. Well, we needed milk so we decided to get some in the drive-thru.

As you can see, there was a line of cars doing the same thing.

Milk comes in a bag in Wisconsin. You can get it in the jugs, but it’s cheaper in bags.

Weber’s also sells things like cheese curds, a whole bunch of other different types of cheese, meat, and of course, ice cream.

I guess that’s how we roll in Wisconsin. I know now, living in Texas, this is a foreign concept and people maybe drink milk with breakfast. I guess when you drink it with every meal, you need to make it convenient to buy it and what better way than to be able to get it through the drive-thru.