Friday Night Fish Fry in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is very Catholic and with that comes not being able to eat meat (fish doesn’t count as meat) on Fridays during Lent. Whether or not it’s actually Lent, the Friday night fish fry is a tradition that happens every Friday. It’s to the point where a bar like Nutz Deep has a special menu just for Friday night.

A fish fry is always better when you include cheese curds for an appetizer and wash everything down with a beer (or a brandy old fashioned).

In my case, I decided to get the combo platter. It came with a little bit of everything.

As you can see, fish fries in Wisconsin are a big deal. Many people will go out every Friday night for one. I absolutely love eating fish, so I guess I was born in the right state. I love to partake in this Wisconsin tradition when I do come up to visit.