Lisa’s Landing, Mosinee, WI

Right off County Road S on the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir (or “flowage” as the locals refer to it) is Lisa’s Landing.

You have to go down a gravel road to the parking lot area.

Lisa’s Landing is a popular spot to launch your boat. We used to go here all the time to launch my buddy Porky’s boat in the water and then go fishing or tubing.

They’ve actually made a lot of improvements over the years. There used to just be a porta potty there. Now there’s an actual outhouse along with a small nature trail and picnic tables. The scenery is also amazing!

Lisa’s Landing was named after Lisa Karberg-Machotka, who was a Maintenance and Safety Supervisor who was killed in a car crash on the job.

If you want to launch your boat or just take in the beauty of Wisconsin, Lisa’s Landing is a cool place to do it. I have tons of memories of fishing and tubing around this area.