Taking the Cougar Out 2019

I've owned my 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator for 7 years now. It's kind of crazy to think it's been that long. I bought it before I moved to Austin. I've kept it up in Wisconsin the whole time and in many ways it's a treat for me to drive it when I visit in the summer (I wouldn't dare take it out in the winter with the salt).

When Victoria and I went to Wisconsin for our vow renewal and second wedding reception, it was perfect time to bring it out (and also go bar hopping after the vow renewal ceremony). I also took it on a separate trip to North Wood County Park.

Besides those adventures, I did get to drive it a decent amount. The first order of action was to put the battery back in it and start it up. It started fairly quickly so I was on the road fast.

I noticed there was some mold in it from sitting in the damp garage for how many months. I let it start baking in the sun and got some disinfectant wipes to clean it up a bit and get the mold out.

Victoria and I did a little cruising until the weather looked threatening. I put it back in the garage for a while when the weather was bad.

A couple days later, my buddy Mike offered to detail the Cougar for our wedding present. If there's one passion Mike has in life, it's detailing cars. He's pretty much the only person I really trust with the Cougar and he does a phenomenal job.

Mike did a great job on the inside. You have to take a gravel road to get to his house, so I drove to the Lava Wash and got the car super shiny on the outside.

The weather stripping is worn out and I have to hold towels in the windows to prevent water from getting in. When I get time, I need to fix this.

The Lava Wash did a great job, but with no AC, the car windows were really fogged up. I had to crank the defrost.

In the meantime, we did our bar hopping and then out to North Wood County Park. After all of that, it was time to pull the battery back out, put in the dryer sheets to prevent mice because they don't like the smell, set up the mouse traps, and then put the cover back on the car.

I always love taking my Cougar out, and it was great taking it out this year. Maybe I'll get another chance before the snow flies, but if I don't, I guess I have next year.

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