Bakerville Sports Bar and Grill, Marshfield, WI

Tucked down County Road B and next to a corn field is Bakerville Sports Bar and Grill.

Now Bakerville Sports Bar and Grill is out of the Marshfield city limits and kind of in the middle of nowhere. From the outside, there’s idyllic views of the Wisconsin countryside.

They have a gravel parking lot and an outdoor sand volleyball court.

The inside is your standard Wisconsin county bar, which is also complete with $1 cans of Hamm’s.

What is cool is there’s also a separate indoor volleyball court that can be converted to a reception area for weddings.

Now the wedding reception part is what brought Victoria and I to Bakerville Sports Bar and Grill. We were looking to do our vow renewal and second wedding reception in Wisconsin. We started looking at venues and I remember Bakerville did an awesome job at past wedding receptions I attended. I actually want to say, with our experience, awesome job is an understatement. Bakerville nailed everything perfectly. Many of you may have experienced planning a wedding reception. Now do it across the country. That’s what Victoria and I faced. “Fuzz” Martin, the owner, was amazing to work with. He made it very easy to plan everything and when it came to the execution of getting things in order, everything was flawless. I was super impressed at how relatively easy it was to get everything in order, especially from Texas. Besides weddings, I’ve been to Bakerville a whole bunch of times in the past. They make great food (they made an awesome lasagna for our reception). Their other food is traditional Wisconsin bar food, but I’ve never been disappointed. It’s also a great place to drink (I mean they do have those $1 Hamm’s). Overall, it’s a great place and all I have to say is, “Job well done Fuzz.”