Hotel Marshfield, Marshfield, WI

In many ways, one of the most impressive hotels I’ve stayed at is in my hometown of Marshfield, Wisconsin. Victoria and I originally got a room block at the Holiday Inn for our vow renewal and second wedding reception, but found the Hotel Marshfield was cheaper so we decided to stay there on some of the nights of our Wisconsin trip. While Hotel Marshfield may be cheaper than the Holiday Inn, price doesn’t mean everything. The quality was much better. Another thing that really stuck out was that they actually walk the walk when it comes to being green. Most hotels will do what’s called “greenwashing” where they claim to be green and use it as a marketing technique. But in reality, the only things they’re “green” on is not changing your towels or sheets so they can save labor costs. At the same time, they still use single use plastics and other cheaper non-green things. Most of these hotels don’t even have recycle bins. To those other hotels, it’s all about money and they’ll talk a big game about being green, but won’t live up to it. Hotel Marshfield actually lives up to their green promise as you’ll see a little bit further down. The outside of the hotel feels upscale and they even have Tesla chargers!

The lobby area feels open and welcoming, even to pets.

The lobby desk explains how you have to put a key in the wall to turn on the air conditioning, heating, and lights.

In my opinion, this is a little too “green.” I understand the reasoning behind it, but effectively not having any power for the climate control or lights without sticking in your card is annoying and uncomfortable. When you walk into a room, it is stuffy and you end up using a ton of energy cranking the climate control to get it to be comfortable. I’m really not sure how much energy this really saves and I wonder in winter how well this works when it’s -20 out. Luckily, the front desk understands this and offers an additional room key. The hotel itself is pretty big and the hallways are long.

We made it to our room and the first thing we did was put the key in the wall to get some lights and make the room comfortable.

The room itself was really nice. It was cozy and spacious at the same time.

The bathroom was nice, except there was no real counter space by the sink (this is more of a Victoria complaint).

Now this is where Hotel Marshfield truly walks the green walk. They had reusable glasses.

There’s also a garbage and recycle bin. In Canada, these garbage and recycle bin combos seem pretty common. In the US, not so much. It’s great when I see this in the US!

The fitness room is nice and open. A lot of hotels try to cram everything in as little space as possible. Here, it feels like multiple people can workout without being on top of each other.

The pool is outdoors, which in Wisconsin, means it’s summer only. In addition to the pool there’s 2 hot tubs of varying temperatures, a sauna, and a fire pit.

Breakfast was also good. It was buffet-style and they had the standard Wisconsin fare including milk. They use regular dishes and the disposable coffee cups, if you choose to get coffee on the go, are also eco-friendly.

We technically stayed twice at Hotel Marshfield. Once before the vow renewal and then again after it. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in between. Our first stay’s view looked like this. It was nice and peaceful.

The second stay, we had a more city view if you want to call it that.

Internet speeds and connection quality varied widely in both of our stays. The rooms we stayed in were across the building from each other so I’m sure I hit different wireless access points. Our first stay the internet speeds were great!

Our second stay, the internet speeds were not so great. It kept dropping the connection and if we could get a connection, it was much slower than our first stay.

The bar area was cool. The prices were decent and the service was really good.

Another notable thing is if you didn’t want to sit at the bar, there a minibar in the room with alcohol you could purchase.

Victoria really liked the soap they had.

I thought the key card for the room was cool.

I also appreciated that the other green techniques that other hotels employ were clearly labeled. Often times, hotels will hide these cards or pull some tactic to effectively shortchange you. This was not the case at Hotel Marshfield.

Overall, Hotel Marshfield is great! It’s probably one of the best hotels I’ve stayed at. As you can see, there were certain things that I feel could be improved (especially the wifi across the building), but I do think they’re doing a great job. I really like the fact that they are truly green, in my opinion. The price is very reasonable overall so I would consider this place an affordable luxury. I’ve stayed at places that cost more and were way worse. You really get a good value at Hotel Marshfield!