The Rest of My Thunder Bay Trip

So far, this has probably been my best trip to Thunder Bay. I blogged about riding with the Thunder Bay Police and also hanging out at CILU. I got to show what it is like to fill up a car when the gas pumps are metric. The rest of my trip was a lot of hanging out downtown and exploring the area.

This time I decided to stay at the Prince Arthur hotel. It is way less sketchy than the Shoreline Motor Hotel I stayed in some of the last times in Thunder Bay. Actually, when I told the cop I was riding with that I stayed at the Shoreline in the past he told me he wouldn't be paid to stay there. I guess in the future, that's a good indication to not stay there.

The hotel itself was old and historic. The elevator definitely showed this.

The rooms were nice overall.

I had a city view room.

The nice thing about Prince Arthur is it's very close to downtown. It's literally only like a block and a half walk to everything.

Of course I had to hit up Sovereign Room.

This time I got a burger.

Later that night I met up with Ryan. He is the one who hosts Lipstick and Leather. We hit up Black Pirates Pub.

They have a lot of live music.

The place gets packed fast.

Afterwards we hit up On Deck. That is the bar JP and I first went to one one of our trips up to Thunder Bay. They had this cool Molson Canadian sign.

I got a voucher for hotel breakfast each morning. Just to show you how friendly and honest Canadians are, one of the vouchers fell out of my pocket when I was going out to my car to get something. When I came in the guy at the desk remembered me and gave it to me since someone had returned it to the front desk.

The view where I parked my car was pretty cool.

For some reason I cannot find my other pictures. I don't know if I overwrote them or they got lost while transferring them to an external hard drive. Basically on Thursday night, I hung out with Ryan and we hit up a few bars downtown. Friday at noon I did the ride along with the Thunder Bay Police and then right after headed directly to CILU. Friday night Ryan and I were going to hang out again, but I didn't stay out terribly late because I was super tired from everything going on. Saturday I drove to Nipigon and checked some things out there. That is where I topped off the car. I do have some video that I am processing now of my drive so eventually I will get that up when I get a chance.

Saturday night, I met Ryan at Black Pirates Pub for a cover show. Another couple I met last time, Thomas and Brit, came out too. Ryan, Thomas, Brit, and I got a group picture together.

After Black Pirates Pub, we hit up Sovereign Room again. That place is just an all out good place to sit back, relax, and talk, as well as grab a bite to eat. I know I hit up several more bars downtown on each of the night but I don’t have pictures to show them in detail. It was definitely a good time hanging out in Thunder Bay, seeing friends, and having the adventures I had. I definitely cannot wait to get up there again!

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