Liquor at Gas Stations in Wisconsin

Some things that vary widely state-by-state in the US and province-by-province in Canada are alcohol laws. Some places are very strict, while others are very lax. In Texas, you have to buy liquor in a liquor store like Spec’s. Ontario takes it a step further and requires you to buy it at the province-run LCBO. Every jurisdiction has varying laws in the difficulty required to buy liquor. In Wisconsin, that difficulty is very low. You can get it right at gas stations.

In fact, the little bottles that can theoretically fit in your cup holder are sold on the counter, right next to where you pay for gas.

In many ways, I have never really thought twice about this. I guess it is considered normal and I know there are many other states that do it like that. With that being said, there are many other states (and provinces) that are much stricter about it. I guess this is one of the quirky things I have discovered about traveling. As of right now, I’m more in tune with the laws of Wisconsin, Texas, and Ontario, because that’s where I spend a lot of my time tend to drink at. I’m sure I’ll pick up on the quirks of other states and provinces as I travel more. It’s one of those interesting things to point out that I’m sure leaves some readers in shock and other readers saying, “What’s the big deal?”