Canadian Speed Limit Signs

Hey look! I can drive 90! I bet a lot of Americans first think this when first driving into Canada. My advice is slow down, literally. If you notice under the 90 it says “km/h,” or kilometers an hour. This is approximately 55 miles per hour.

I always find it interesting driving into Canada because everything is metric, including filling up. It’s a way of life there that that I’m happy my Focus is able to easily adapt to. I can easily switch it over to metric and put a big speedometer in the middle to make sure I’m not speeding.

With using kilometers instead of miles, the signs look a bit different. It seems most speed limits end in a 0.

The different looking speed limit signs are probably one of the first things you’ll notice when crossing the border. It’s one of those minute details that we often take for granted and do not notice until we go somewhere else and notice something is a bit different. I know this always catches my eye once I cross the border and start driving in Canada.