Offroading in the Focus

During the trip up to Copper Harbor, we decided to go to the end of Highway 41 (or beginning however you look at it).

Beyond that was what appeared to be a dirt road with a sign stating there were a few other points that were a few miles away. The road itself didn’t look too bad, and there were other cars going down it, so we thought, “What the heck?”. I’m thinking it was an old logging road at one time, and it appeared a lot of people hiked and rode their bikes down it. I know in the winter they do not plow it, so I never got the chance to explore. This time, without any snow, it appeared I’d be able to explore.

I followed the few other cars going down there. Eventually, the road got rougher. Some of the cars turned around, but Jake and I kept going. There was a 4-wheel drive SUV in front of us that also kept going. Eventually, the road got so rough that I could only go 5MPH and had another 5 miles to go before the advertised place on the sign. It was time to turn around.

After that bumpy ride, my car was dirty, but in one piece.

It was interesting going down that road, and maybe I’ll bring a mountain bike next time so I can travel a bit faster down the bumpy road (as well as save the wear and tear on the Focus that already has over 200,000 miles). Then I’ll really be able to get to the top of the UP.

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