Amy’s Ice Creams, Austin, TX

If you’re looking for locally made ice cream in Austin, look no further than Amy’s. Amy’s has been a staple of Austin since 1984 and has over 350 ice cream flavors in rotation! It looks like every visit can be a new adventure with a rotation that large! Victoria and I visited the Burnet location.

It was pretty crowded inside when we got there. This gave me a little time to look around.

I finally got to where I could easily see the list of flavors and also crush’ns (toppings for the ice cream).

It was also cool Amy’s has reusable ice cream containers. It shows they care about the environment!

They also care about the community by selling Clean Cause water. Clean Cause donates some of their profits to help people with addiction issues.

It was a hot day, so size-wise, a large cup made sense.

They even sell candles, which smelled amazing!

As you can see by the inside, there’s nowhere to sit. There’s plenty of room outside. Being that it was hot, it made my Mexican Vanilla with Peanut M&M’s taste how much better!

After eating, I walked over to the cow statues they had and then around the building.

I then walked over to my car. The parking lot was packed. So packed that when I pulled out, another car pulled in.

Amy’s makes pretty good ice cream. I see they’re going to keep me on my toes in terms of their flavor rotation. I’ll have to keep coming back and trying more of the flavors. I know this time I went with vanilla, but next time I might get a little more adventurous!