Austin Gourmet Popcorn, Austin, TX

Popcorn. It’s that great snack that especially goes well with watching movies. When you go to a typical grocery store or movie theater, you’re usually given only a few options for popcorn. You either get salted, butter, more butter, or some sort of sweet popcorn. Austin Gourmet Popcorn shows there’s more to the world of popcorn than those few flavors.

Austin Gourmet Popcorn is a nice cozy shop that sells popcorn, a whole bunch of jelly beans, and different types of candy. It the whole movie theater concession counter at a fraction of the price!

They have a ton of choices for popcorn. There’s a large list on the counter and you can see the tubs of it in the back.

If you can’t decide, they glad to let you sample. Victoria and I tried a few samples.

I decided to get the dill pickle flavor and Victoria got extra buttery.

Both were good in my opinion. I got the dill pickle flavor all to myself since Victoria doesn’t like pickles. I guess more for me! Considering there’s so many flavors at Austin Gourmet Popcorn, I guess running out won’t be that big of a deal. We’ll be back for more soon enough! I’ll have to try something different next time. They’re in the process of expanding, so there’s definitely more to come!