El Arroyo, Austin, TX

El Arroyo or “The Ditch” is a Mexican restaurant near Downtown Austin that has a whole lot of character. You may have heard of it from their quirky signs that often go viral. I know I’ve seen my friends all over the country share their signs on Facebook. It’s to the point where they’ve even made books with pictures of their signs.

Instead of just seeing their quirky signs on Facebook, I wanted to see it in person and try their food. They’ve been around in Austin over 25 years and Victoria said their food is great. We hopped in the car and went downtown. We luckily found a parking spot and walked to the front of the building.

That’s where I saw their sign for the day.

The sign related to Austin in so many ways. Traffic on Mopac (one of the expressways in Austin) is getting horrible due to population growth and congestion. Part of me says the sign was taunting the relatively new and generic looking buildings across the street that are a symbol of this congestion.

As you can see by the signs, El Arroyo is anything but generic. They’re a beacon of authenticity in an area being dominated by condos and high rises.

And they are true to their name. They really are built over a ditch.

Victoria and I went inside and got a table. The inside felt cozy and homey.

Some of the pictures of past signs were on the wall. You could even buy them if you wanted to!

Soon we were given chips and salsa.

The salsa was smooth. It had a ton of flavor to it and wasn’t spicy. That was definitely good for a hot day! In the meantime, I looked over the menu.

The El Arroyo special seemed to be the best of everything. I ordered that and was not disappointed!

It was so good, I made sure to get a to-go box. I wasn’t letting any of this go to waste!

El Arroyo is a great place! Not only do I get entertained seeing their signs on Facebook, they also have pretty amazing food. If you enjoy seeing their signs on Facebook, it’s a perfect place to drop by if you’re visiting Austin. If you do, seeing those signs again on Facebook might be a bit more mouthwatering!