Wag-A-Bag, Round Rock, TX

If you’ve read this blog any amount of time you know I view gas stations as a destination. I mean my claim to fame is visiting all the Buc-ee’s in Texas in 3 days! Now you may ask, “What’s so special about Wag-A-Bag?” I’ve actually been meaning to write about them for a while. I mean having a wiener dog and a name like “Wag-A-Bag” is kind of unique.

Another thing is this specific location in Round Rock was my go to gas station when I first moved to Austin. The name was catchy and also it was easy to get in and out of in the morning when I needed gas. It was also easy to walk to when I needed to do a beer run.

Since I now live in the City of Austin, I don’t visit this gas station often anymore. That all changed when I did my Texas Jerky Run, all because they posted the right thing at the right time (see, social media works!).

So my first stop that Saturday was Wag-A-Bag.

I got to the motherload!

I got my jerky and then laughed as there’s actually another Wag-A-Bag kitty-corner across the street.

I went on my trip, burned some gas, and got the car dirtier, especially when I hit the dirt Texas County Roads. What would I need after a trip like this? Gas and a car wash! Well Wag-A-Bag had me covered there!

I guess the moral of the story is have a quirky name that sticks. Wag-A-Bag has always stuck with me. It was a sheer coincidence they posted about jerky on Facebook and it made a great start and end point for my trip that revolved around jerky.