Baby Acapulco (Baby A’s), Austin, TX

Since I’ve moved to the Arboretum area of Austin, there’s a few good places to visit within walking distance of my apartment. One of these places is a Mexican restaurant called Baby Acapulco (Baby A’s). They are known for having great food and margaritas. They also have live music every weekend. I can actually hear it from my apartment and the bands always sound great!

Being that we just had to walk across the street, Victoria and I headed over to Baby A’s to get dinner and also listen to the band afterwards.

Being it’s summer in Texas, we opted for inside seating. The place was packed and we were lucky there was an open table. There were both drink and food menus with a ton of choices!

I also checked to see if there was wifi and didn’t see anything.

The chips and salsa came out fast and we were wolfing that down.

The salsa was smooth and mild. It had a ton of flavor to it. It definitely hit the spot as we waited for our drinks. John R. was our waiter and you could tell he was really busting his butt with the sheer amount of people there. One thing that he did great service-wise was manage expectations about the time it would take to get certain things.

It wasn’t too long and I had my Tropical Rita Flight. Why choose one flavor when you can have four?

Victoria was a bit more selective. She got the Purple Margarita that Baby A’s is famous for.

I got the Baby A’s Deluxe Dinner. It had a little bit of everything that you’d find on the menu.

Every different thing I ate was great and there was so much of it that I was stuffed! I washed down what I could with my margaritas, but ultimately had to get a to-go box.

After we ate, I did a little lap around the restaurant and took some pictures. Victoria and I decided we’d head home and put our to-go boxes in the fridge and then come back to listen to the band.

We got a seat outside this time. I was stuffed, but more chips arrived! We also got our second server, Caesar.

I know on the menu that the Purple Margarita had a two drink limit. They mix them strong and they can really knock you on your butt if you’re not careful. I found out that Baby A’s like to mix a lot of their drinks strong and have a point system for each drink. Once you reach six points, they’ll cut you off. Since we had been in the restaurant earlier, I was told this up front since we were going to be there for another couple hours listening to the band. It sounds like they’re pretty strict about this policy and once you’ve had one of their drinks you’d know why. I appreciated Caesar being upfront and honest. I ordered a Michalada.

The band playing was called Electric Circus. They were pretty good and played a lot of modern hits. I could see a lot of people were having a good time listening to them.

I was able to get my last drink, a regular margarita. While it had cooled down outside, it was still a bit warm. This definitely hit the spot!

Baby A’s food is pretty good! I’ve been there several times before and wanted to wait until I saw some live music to blog about both. This visit definitely didn’t disappoint! I love that I can just walk across the street and go there. I’m sure I’ll be back again, especially when they have live music. If I am a bit lazy, I can always listen to the music from my patio. Then again, I think it’s better to get some good Mexican food and wash it down with their signature margaritas!