Southside Market, Elgin, TX

In Texas, BBQ is life! There are many long standing institutions that have stood the test of time. Southside Market has stood this test of time and is the oldest BBQ joint in Texas. It was founded in 1882 in Elgin. It has expanded and changed ownership since then, but its legend continues. Victoria and I stopped by the Elgin location, that was once the Security National Bank Building. You’ll see some remnants of that in my pictures, but overall you can tell it’s now an authentic Texas BBQ joint!

The first sign I could tell I was destined for some great BBQ was looking at the parking lot. It was definitely full!

I walked from the parking lot to inside the building. When I got inside there was a large dining room. I headed straight to the corral that had setup to make the line move efficiently.

Being a Native Wisconsinite, I always like to try the sausage when I go to a BBQ joint. Sausage is a big thing in Wisconsin and I love to compare. With that being said, I now live in Texas where brisket is king. I typically get a two meat plate with sausage and brisket to have the best of both worlds. Southside Market must have read my mind and already had the Southside Combo on their menu!

I could see it was going to be fresh! The employees were diligently working away and I could see large volumes of food being moved.

While in line, I quick checked the internet. The speeds were pretty good for free wifi!

I got my tray and had to make up my mind with the huge selection of soda they had. I got my soda and went to the table.

I went and got some more pickles and sat down with my large feast of BBQ.

I started wolfing down my BBQ. I was definitely hungry! The sausage has a great smoke flavor to it. Every bite oozed out the flavors of juicy sausage and smoke! The brisket was moist and tender. You couldn’t ask for anything better out of these two meats. The tastes that my palate had acquired from both Wisconsin and Texas were satisfied! I also tried a little bit of Victoria’s turkey and that was moist with a lot of smoke flavor. The BBQ sauce tasted a bit different from BBQ joints I have been to in the past. It was a bit thinner and kind of tasted like a Bloody Mary. It had a little kick to it and was a pleasant surprise. Southside Market definitely has their own way of doing things and it’s clear this way has stood the test of time. The meal tasted great and I left stuffed! After eating, we threw away our garbage and then walked around. I grabbed a bunch of pictures as we headed over to the meat market area. Southside Market appears to be a one stop shop for any meat you’d need!

Victoria and I each got something to go. I got jerky and she got a buttermilk pie.

We walked outside and I decided to take a few more pictures. I walked to the side parking and noticed that the building itself was pretty big. I mean when you make sure great BBQ, you have to be big to meet all the demand!

It was also great there was a U.S. and Texas flag flying proudly outside. Southside Market does a great job representing both in high quality BBQ!

Victoria and I hit the road and later had the jerky and buttermilk pie we bought (well I had the jerky and she had the buttermilk pie). The jerky I bought had a strong black pepper taste to it that gave a nice spice. It was probably one of the strongest black pepper tastes I’ve had with jerky. The pepper taste was chased with a nice smokey aftertaste. It was a great combination! Victoria also liked her buttermilk pie and agreed that we made the right decision buying it.

I have to say Southside Market does a great job with BBQ! The way they do things is distinct compared to your run of the mill BBQ joint. It’s clear this distinctness has weathered the test of time and allowed them to be the oldest BBQ joint in Texas. If I’m passing through a town with a Southside Market, I definitely know where I can get some good BBQ!