Texas A&M Women’s Chorus Spring Concert

I’ve been to a wide range of live musical performances. I’ve seen things as mellow as Sarah McLachlan and Gordon Lightfoot to GWAR and Megadeth and everything in between. One type of music I have not seen live (or really listened to at all) is choral music. When Victoria went to Texas A&M she was big into Women’s Chorus. Every spring they have a concert and this concert was their 40th anniversary. They invited alumni to come sing with the current members of Women’s Chorus at the First Presbyterian Church in Bryan. Besides being a choral concert, this was the first concert I remember going to inside an actual church.

Victoria had been practicing all afternoon. I was hanging out with her grandparents the whole time. Victoria got a short break to say hi.

The concert started shortly after that.

I liked that the programs had background information on each song that was sung.

The alumni sang a few songs. I made sure to snap a quick picture of Victoria.

The concert went well and I can see Victoria had a good time. This was a big part of her life when she was in college so I’m glad I got to be a part of this and experience choral music for the first time!