Stuckey’s, Marietta, OK

Before Buc-ee’s became a huge phenomenon in Texas (such a phenomenon that I visited every single one), there was Stuckey’s. Stuckey’s was started in the 1930’s and saw rapid expansion and then decline. It used to be the quintessential place to stop on any road trip for gas, food, and other novelties. It is slowly making a comeback again and I decided to stop at one in Marietta, Oklahoma. Just like Buc-ee’s, they advertise on billboards for miles.

Unlike Buc-ee’s, Stuckey’s is the size of a normal gas station.

What I found impressive is they advertise they can cook a pizza in 2 minutes!

When you walk inside, it’s the size of a normal gas station. A couple aisles with the essentials. The cool thing about the essentials is much of it is Stuckey’s branded.

Don’t forget about that pizza that can be cooked in 2 minutes!

There is a wide assortment of random souvenirs.

What I really like about Stuckey’s is there’s a separate area to order food and also sit down and eat. This is definitely much needed when you want to take a break from the road.

They do have a good selection of food. I was partial to the 2 eggs and 2 pieces of toast for 99 cents. That’s a heck of a deal and I know Stuckey’s is proud of it!

I sat down at a booth while it was being made up fresh. Everything appears to be made on the grill and not microwaved. That’s another plus!

My eggs and toast arrived!

Everything was really good, especially the toast. The way they made it on the grill gave this crispy buttery taste and the toast melted in my mouth! The food really hit the spot! To me Stuckey’s seems to be a no gimmick gas station to stop at. It has all the essentials and it’s very low key. I definitely hope they do find the success they had in the past because it is a great place to stop!