The Tiny Unattended Sinclair Station North of Duluth, MN

When I get a little bit north of Duluth, this tiny gas station always catches my eye. It’s kind of in the middle of nowhere and it appears there’s no store with it. On my way back from Thunder Bay, I decided I’d stop by this time and check it out. I needed gas anyway and this would be a perfect little stop.

At the same time of me stopping at this gas station, my Buc-ee’s adventure was going viral. If you know Buc-ee’s, its gas stations that are the size of a Super Walmart and they have a ton of pumps. This gas station is the absolute opposite of it. One thing I’m always nervous about is credit card skimmers. There’s a huge problem with them in Austin so any unattended gas station makes me nervous. I made sure to check if there were any weird Bluetooth or WiFi signals by the pump as well as if the credit card reader seemed modified. All seemed good, so I swiped my card.

It does appear you could pay cash with their machine, so I guess that’s a good alternative.

There was a building where I assume all the control information is in and then a porta potta next to it. This is definitely very basic for amenities.

The one thing that impressed me was the place is clean and the garbage cans weren’t overflowing. Even with no attendant here, it’s clear they are taking care of the place. Everything seems in working order so it’s kind of amazing they can pull this off. I know this place isn’t your typical gas station, but it’s an awesome stop if you want to get in and out super fast. I think one other car came the whole time I was there taking pictures. The amenities are bare bones but if all you need is gas and a quick bathroom break (and don’t mind a porta potty), this is a great place to stop!