High Falls on Pigeon River in Minnesota

When I was crossing the border back into the United States, I got the typical run of the mill questions about what I was doing in Canada. When I mentioned my blog, the border guard said he remembered me. He had asked if I checked out Kakabeka Falls. Some of my other readers had also recommended visiting there as the waters were just raging. Due to having other things planned, the most I saw of the raging waters was near Fisherman’s Park. The border guard told me if I had some time to stop at the Welcome to Minnesota rest stop and hike about half a mile back to High Falls. I was told High Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in Minnesota. The border guard said when he came to work earlier that day he could hear the falls from the parking lot. I was actually an hour or two ahead of schedule. I took his advice and pulled into the rest stop.

I headed up the trail. It was paved and easy to walk. I could hear the falls along the way.

I took a little diversion down a set of steps. I had to be careful as there was still a lot of ice and snow. I got as close as to the river as I could in my comfort zone. The water was really raging and I didn’t want to take my chances getting any closer.

I got back on the main path and hiked the rest of the way. There was a boardwalk that got slicker the closer you got to the falls. By the time you had a good view of everything there was a misty shower. That misty shower made for a good rainbow! I took a bunch of pictures and videos from different angles. The water was sure raging!

I walked back to the parking lot. I saw a micro waterfall along the way. I made a quick stop inside the rest stop.

I’m glad I took the border guard’s advice. The views were great and the walk and little misty shower I got woke me up for the rest of the drive back to Texas.