Exploring Silver Islet Ontario

In many ways, you can't beat the beauty of Northwest Ontario. Every time I go up to Thunder Bay, I try to get out of the city to take in this gorgeous nature. My buddy Ryan and I decided to take a road trip to Silver Islet and check things out.

We turned down Ontario 587. The view was breathtaking!

The road was narrow and windy the whole way there. Sometimes it was a challenge to find a good place to pull off so I could take my pictures. I did find a few good places to pull off and take pictures. The lakes were a bit frozen and there was still snow, but things were slowly thawing out. Ryan stayed in the car as I stopped and took pictures.

After miles and miles of windy roads, I finally made it to Silver Islet!

I found a good place to park the car and got a few pictures of the iconic store that is over 150 years old. Currently, the store is not open, but it was cool seeing this piece of history.

I walked over to the boat landing area and got some views of the water. It was very calm and peaceful. We pretty much had the place to ourselves as April is not exactly peak tourist season.

We then headed down the narrow one lane road. I can see where this could be a bit treacherous during the summer when more people are around. There's not much space between you, the lake, and the houses. You definitely have to be careful!

One thing I noticed was many of the houses had solar panels. It's great seeing this area is environmentally conscious!

I kept driving on the narrow road and stopping often to take pictures. Between the views of the lake, the cliffs, and the forest, this would be an amazing place to have a vacation home.

There's even a small beach there. I know it's not anything compared to the coast, but I'd love to hang out there.

After exploring the beautiful views of the lake, it was back to a peaceful drive in the forest.

The natural beauty of Silver Islet is amazing! I love how quiet and peaceful it is. If I ever get time where I can take some time off to relax and decompress, this would be a perfect place to do it. I'll have to check it out sometime in the summer.

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