The Crappiest Hotel Ive Ever Stayed At

When you go on the road and travel like I do, you discover a lot of interesting things. Just like I found the slowest gas pump ever, I think the hotel we stayed at is the crappiest hotel I’ve stayed at. Now I’m not one to expect much out of budget motels. I do find it interesting reading online reviews and how people expect the Ritz-Carlton treatment out of a $50 a night Motel 6. My expectations are basically a halfway clean place to get a good night’s rest and then be able to take a shower in the morning to clean up for the next day’s journey. I’ve stayed at some sketchy places in the past. The Shoreline, which I stayed at in Thunder Bay, doesn’t even light up their halls. At least there, thought, the hotel rooms are halfway clean and things work. I can’t say the same thing about the Budget Inn in Marinette, Wisconsin. When we were on the road exploring Copper Harbor and Lake Michigan, Jake started to Google places we could stay. All we wanted was a cheap place to sleep so, by the price, the Budget Inn did look like a good deal. Jake had a hard time communicating with the lady on the phone due to her lack of being able to speak English. It took him a while, but we did get a room booked. This should have been a warning sign, but we got the room booked, so we were going to have to stay there. We visited Jake’s friend and then made our way to the hotel.

The check in process was interesting because the lady did not speak English well. It was a bit of a challenge, but we did eventually get our rooms. At least, compared to Thunder Bay, the hallways were lit up.

The biggest problem was, not one, but two rooms were not even ready. The first room we couldn’t even get the key in the lock and open the door. For all we know, there’s a dead body in the room and it appears they have no clue at the hotel that the door couldn’t be opened. We told the lady at the front desk this and she gave us a key for the room next door. Lo and behold, there wasn’t even a blanket or sheets on one of the beds.

We got a key for the room next to it and it appeared everything was actually together in this room.

Well the initial look at the room looked ok. Looking in the bathroom it was a mess and they probably didn’t clean it considering there was this coupon thing on the sink.

They also did not even have a shower curtain.

The walls by the door appeared to be pretty sketchy too.

Also, there were some interesting signs on the door itself with misspelled words.

I guess you have 5 minutes to get a refund if the place makes you go running away. I’m sure this must have happened several times already.

The next morning, I realized they were giving us so many keys, I actually had keys to 2 rooms.

Overall, I did get a good night’s sleep and it appears I didn’t get some weird infection or bed bugs. The place was pretty disgusting and the worst place I’ve stayed at (so far). I’m not sure how much lower you could set the bar for this, but I guess with all the traveling I do, maybe I’ll find something worse. You can follow the rest of the adventure here.