This & That Wisconsin Store, Stratford WI

Right off of WIS-97 between Marshfield and Stratford is this little store called This & That Wisconsin Store. My parents have bought presents from this store for me before. They know I like buying local products and this is definitely the store to go to. My mom came with me on this trip and we checked everything out. In many ways, you could assume it was another one of the many farms dotted along this road if they hadn’t done a good job of putting the signs out front.

What’s more local to Wisconsin than a converted dairy farm that shares its location with a resource recovery business?

When you walk in, you get that homey feel.

They even have something for my old high school, Marshfield!

I think they have every base covered when it comes to Wisconsin. There’s plenty of beer, cheese, sausage, and so much wine you’d think it was also a wine store! There’s also other local soaps, coffees, and pretty much anything locally made.

Outside is an area to hang out. I was told they have wine tastings, so that could be a fun event when the weather is nice in the summer.

We got Landjaegers, Hot pepper cheese snack sticks, and Mountain Dew. What’s more Wisconsin than that (besides maybe adding some cheese)?

This & That Wisconsin Store is a cool place to find locally made products from around the area I grew up. There’s plenty of beer, cheese, and sausage. If I was into wine, this could be a go to wine shop. I definitely love the local touch there!