Ramen at the Domain Whole Foods

When I posted on Instagram about my meal at Shu Shu’s, some of you asked if I tried any good ramen spots in Austin. To be honest, the only place I’ve ever really eaten ramen is at the Domain Whole Foods. I would eat it more often at my monthly computer security meetup at the Downtown Whole Foods, but they don’t have ramen. My ramen tastes have become a bit more sophisticated over the years from the ten cent packets that were a staple of my college diet to actual legit ramen that has more than a few freeze dried extras. Victoria is not a fan of ramen, so we typically don’t go to these kind of places when we go out to eat. The one place where she can get something else while I get my ramen fix is the Domain Whole Foods.

They have a few signature bowls and you can always customize it to your liking. There are plenty of things you can put on it.

I always hope I don’t get people in front of me because it seems everyone at Whole Foods has this super special way they want everything. Their customizations take a ton of time. Whole Foods doesn’t use the Which Wich model, so I often get stuck behind people verbally belting out their intricate orders. I, on the other hand, just order the Dragon’s Breath. I’ll tell them to put whatever is standard on it. It’s less thinking and it’s pretty good as is. I then usually take it upstairs and people watch in the store.

Dragon’s Breath is just that, nice and spicy. It’ll leave your mouth burning! It’s also something that’ll open up and clear your sinuses. All the stuff they put in it is a great blend of flavors. There’s plenty of meat and noodles to go around and you’ll definitely want to grab a few extra napkins to blow your nose with. As I said before, I love ramen. It’s something I don’t eat as often as I’d like, but I think I might change that. I have a few suggestions on places to visit that have a menu that looks like it’s easy to order from. I’ll definitely try hitting up a few more places and report back. Until then, Whole Foods is where I get my ramen.