Checking out Lake Michigan and Then Back to Marshfield

After we got done exploring Copper Harbor, it was time to head south to Marinette, Wisconsin. Jake had a friend there that he wanted to visit and it was on the way to Door County. On the way, we stopped at another grocery store to get some food. There was a gas station outside of it and I found that, with the two lane highways, I got 37mpg. Not bad for a car with over 200,000 miles.

One thing about Michigan is they have a deposit on their cans, so people have an incentive to return them to get back their money. They had a machine to put the cans in.

Now, before you think you can get the Kramer and Neumann idea from Seinfeld of taking cans across state lines, they had a nice warning about how it is a felony to do this.

This grocery store also had pasties that were frozen and ready to cook.

A lot of the drive had some good views of Lake Superior.

We made it to Marinette. We visited with Jake's friend a while and then checked into the crappiest hotel I've ever stayed at. It was literally that bad that I had to create a separate blog entry about it. At least we got a decent night's sleep.

In the morning, we hit the road for Door County. Originally we were going to go to Sturgeon Bay, so I set the GPS to that. I realized we'd be going through Green Bay, so we decided to detour to Lambeau Field. I got enough pictures where I decided to make a separate blog entry about it.

The drive to Sturgeon Bay wasn't bad so we were thinking of going way up Door County to Gills Rock. We ended up stopping in Sister Bay and walking around the shore of Lake Michigan a bit.

Lake Superior's water is super clear. It actually surprised me that the water was pretty clear overall for Lake Michigan, especially considering all the industrial cities on it.

As with anywhere, there were a lot of boats in the harbor.

We stopped at Grasse's Restaurant to grab a quick bite to eat.

Austin might be famous for its tacos, but I decided to get fish tacos here.

I traded Jake one of my fish tacos for his brisket tacos. Obviously, Texas is known for its brisket, but these were good.

We decided it would be best to turn around to make the time we intended for Mishicot. I filled up around Sturgeon Bay and actually got close to 41mpg this time. Of course, we got caught up a bit on a drawbridge so I got a 0mpg while idling and waiting.

On the way back, we got some nice views of Lake Michigan.

One of the towns we went through was Algoma. When I was a kid, we used to go there to go fishing. I remember the Pizza Bowl and the awesome pizza they had.

We made good time to Mishicot. We met up with Jake's sister Caitlin and then went to the beach.

I guess there were a few rich people there judging by the Lamborghini parked in the parking lot.

I didn't bring my swim trunks, but Jake was going to swim. He changed his mind when he saw a bunch of dead minnows washed on shore on the beach.

We decided to walk over to the pier. It was a decent walk to the pier and then on the pier itself.

We finally made it to the lighthouse thing.

There were boats coming in and out.

There were also a lot of live minnows.

After we got done at the pier, we decided to go to a Mexican restaurant to get something to eat.

Usually when I got to a Mexican restaurant, I get a taco salad. This time was no different.

After eating, we dropped Caitlin back off at her apartment. We hit the road for Marshfield and actually made good time. In the end, we ended up covering close to 900 miles in 2 days. The crazy thing is, when everything was said and done, we paid more for the crappy hotel room than we did for gas.

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