Serranos, Austin, TX

There’s no shortage of Mexican restaurants in Austin. Some come and go and other stay. Serranos is one of those restaurants that has been a staple of Austin for over 30 years. I’ve actually only eaten at Serranos once before and that was on a business lunch, so I didn’t blog about it. It was good food, so I knew I had to eat there again. My father in law was in town, so Victoria and I decided to get lunch with him at Serranos.

When you go inside, it has a very authentic Mexican feel. There’s also a huge bar if you want to have a few drinks and watch the game.

Of course no Mexican restaurant would be complete without chips and salsa. There were plenty of these at Serranos! The salsa was chunky and had a nice bite to it.

Their menus read like a novel with a huge selection of choices. When we went they had a brunch menu so it was very hard to decide on all the delicious looking food!

We ordered and then I checked the wifi. Speeds were pretty good for free wifi!

I got the Serranos Omelette.

Serranos wasn’t going to let their name down. They spiced up this omelette with Serrano peppers to give it a little kick. The queso was also a welcome addition. It added a bunch of cheesy goodness to the omelette and was great to dip my breakfast potatoes in. Overall, everything was really good! I’ll definitely have to come back!