Texas Winter Weather 2019

While the rest of the country got pummeled with winter weather, Texas got some mildly uncomfortable winter weather. It was nothing that caused a Texas snow day, like I’ve experienced in the past. There really wasn’t even snow. It was just little cold with a tiny bit of sleet that accumulated in a few places.

I guess this was good it happened when it did. I was on-call for the first time at my new job. Being on-call means I really can’t go anywhere, so weather like this just reminds me it’s better to stay inside. Hopefully, this is the only real dose of winter weather we see in Texas. Judging by the way the rest of the country is getting hit, it wouldn’t surprise me if we got the outer edges of something a bit more. Hopefully, it occurs on another on-call weekend. I can see why people snowbird and stay down here during the winter. If this is about the worst it gets for winter weather, we can really count our blessings. Hopefully, Old Man Frost finally retires and gives everyone else a bit of a break!