A Snowless Copper Harbor

Lake Superior is one of my favorite places to go. Copper Harbor is basically one of the highest points that you can go on the south shore. I've explored the south shore of Lake Superior before and also took a trip to Copper Harbor in the middle of the winter. That last trip was with my buddy Jake and we decided to take another trip up there, this time when there wasn't any snow. We actually planned to take a trip from Marshfield to Copper Harbor, Michigan to Marinette, Wisconsin and then up Door County back to Mishicot, Wisconsin and then back to Marshfield. We did this whole trip and there will be several blog entries on it. As of right now, this is the first leg of our trip to Copper Harbor.

For being out late at the wedding, I woke up fairly early. I got ready and picked Jake up around 9am and after we hit the road right away. I did have to make a pit stop at Walmart to buy some more memory cards and then also top off for gas, but after that, it was a straight shot up to Copper Harbor. The drive itself was very scenic. I did record the whole thing, but I do not have enough bandwidth to upload it currently. I know I'll be writing another blog entry on the challenges of trying to upload multimedia when on the road or at my parent's house on their DSL connection.

We pretty much drove straight through. The first stop was in Hancock, Michigan at Pat's Foods, the place we stopped at the last time.

As I said, the view was very scenic and this is the view we had when we took a break to eat.

We got our pasties and I got some milk to go with it.

We had a bit more of a drive to Copper Harbor. It was still raining on and off and was a bit cloudy.

We decided to drive a bit more to the end of Highway 41.

There was a logging trail or some sort of dirt road that led to some other scenic points. We did drive down that and eventually had to turn around because it was so rough. I did take some 360 video and will share it once I find a place with more bandwidth to upload it. It was nice to see Copper Harbor without freezing our butts off and complete the first leg of our trip.

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