Hut’s Hambugers, Austin, TX

Hut’s Hamburgers is one of those staples of Austin. It’s been around since 1939. I’m sure Austin has changed a lot since then, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the great hamburgers they make. Victoria and I met her dad at Hut’s to have lunch.

This is the first sit down hamburger joint I’ve been to. Victoria’s dad was already at the table when we got there so we quickly got menus and decided what we wanted to order.

We ordered and then I took a look around. I got a big Dr. Pepper to drink while I was waiting.

Victoria and I both got the Wolfman Jack burger. I got the burger version and Victoria got the chicken version. There were a ton of green chilis oozing out! We also got a basket of fries and onion rings for the table to share. I swear they were the biggest onion rings I’ve ever seen!

The burgers were great and so were the onion rings! I wolfed it all down and was full. Victoria still had a little room so she got a milkshake.

After eating, I took a little walk around and grabbed some pictures. You can definitely tell this place is iconic.

I can see why Hut’s Hamburgers has been in business so long. You feel the storied Austin history there and the food is really good. There’s a bunch of other unique burgers on the menu, so I’ll have to come back and give them a try!