The older I get, the less I enjoy being in packed bars. I guess that seems to wear off by your mid-20’s (I’ll be 30 in March). When we were visiting the College Station area for Christmas, Victoria suggested we go to Northgate to hit up the bars she liked to in college. Northgate is the equivalent of Madison’s State Street or Steven’s Point “The Square.” The nice thing is Texas A&M was on winter break so it would be empty. On top of that, most college students there don’t hit the bars until around 10PM. We planned to go around 8PM. We called for a Lyft and went there.

We walked over to Bottle Cap Alley.

Since we were sober, we decided to hit up the Dry Bean Saloon. Dry Bean is a shot bar and it’s best to go fresh. We did two shots there. As you can see it was empty.

Our next stop was an empty Mad Hatters.

After our drink we went outside. It wasn’t even 8:30 yet!

Our next two bars were Rebel Draft House and O’Bannon’s Taphouse. Again, we had the place to ourselves.

All this drinking was making us hungry. The great thing is when we were at Rebel’s, we were handed a coupon for Baked or Fried. A nice starchy potato meal was great for the beer munchies!

We ended the night at a high class whiskey bar, Rough Draught Whiskey Bar.

Around midnight we got another Lyft back to the hotel.

For some reason my phone seemed like it was drinking a bit too. I know some of the pictures turned out less than optimal. I guess it was also having a good time. As you can see by those pictures, the bars were empty. It was glorious. We could actually hang out, drink, and have a conversation without yelling or bumping into people as we walked around. I guess I’m getting old, but it was fun going #OldPeopleNorthgating (Victoria invented this term).