Koppe Bridge Bar & Grill, College Station, TX

Rustic burger joints are a staple of Texas. They seem to be scattered everywhere. One place Victoria recommended we go is Koppe Bridge Bar & Grill. We pulled into the gravel parking lot and parked on the side of the building since in front was full.

Once we got to the front, there were big wooden doors awaiting to be opened to go inside.

I walked in and grabbed a menu. The one page menu had a lot of tempting food.

I ordered, got a Big Red (it’s Texas after all), and walked over to the table that had all the good stuff a burger joint would need.

I looked up and saw an old school metal roof.

There was also no wifi to be found.

I basked in the rustic and old honkytonk feel of the bar.

I wasn’t super hungry so I decided to order “just a simple coney dog.” I thought it might be similar to the one I had at McKellar Confectionery in Thunder Bay, Ontario. I quickly found out this wasn’t Canada. This was Texas! I got a ton more food than I expected!

Victoria got a chicken strip basket.

I ended up having to resort to a fork to eat everything.

The coney dog was great and I was completely stuffed! I tried to shovel down as much as I could, but of course I couldn’t finish it all. I let the food settle a bit as I watched a train go by.

After eating, I did a little walk around to the other side of the restaurant. When ordering I told the girl at the counter that I was taking pictures for my blog. Sometimes I get weird looks when I’m doing this so I want to keep people in the loop. She didn’t think it was weird at all and gave me a bunch of recommendations on places to take pictures. That’s definitely good customer service!

One thing that caught my attention was a deer hunting game. This is a staple of any good country bar!

There were also pool tables in a separate room.

We then walked to the outside and I saw a bunch of places to sit. They were facing a stage. I could see this being a great place to catch a live band.

Koppe Bridge is a really cool place to hang out. It has the rustic feel of an old Texas bar. The portions are much bigger than I ever imagined and I was stuffed with this great tasting food!