Discovering Navasota, TX

It’s always fun finding small towns and then hitting up a bunch of places there. A lot of towns have their own unique vibe and people tend to be super friendly. The last time I really hit up a small town was when I was in Canada. I discovered a lot of cool things in Nipigon, Ontario. My original intention in Navasota was just to go to Classic Rock Coffee, but the town looked too cool to pass up. Victoria and I decided to walk around and check out what it had to offer. Driving through you could tell it was a nice little town.

Classic Rock Coffee was our first stop.

We then went next door to Stonecroft Marketplace.

Soon we were at WC Mercantile. They had cool spinning wheels inside.

It was time for a stroll to the train tracks and the other side of the street. We also hit up the visitor’s center and walked past city hall.

Our last stop was at Off the Map.

It was then time to walk back to the car and leave for Bryan.

It was cool walking around Navasota and discovering what they had to offer. It’s a nice little town a bit off the beaten path. Being off the beaten path is good, in a way, since it makes it a bit of a hidden gem!