Westphalia Meat Market, Hutto, TX

One thing I’ve grown to love is beef sticks and the Canadian version of them, pepperettes. I made my special trip to Canada just to try a bunch of pepperettes. One of my Canadian readers read that blog entry and then recommended Westphalia Meat Market as a place that sells something similar to the pepperettes. It is in Hutto, TX, which is a little outside of Austin. Victoria and I were on our way to Bryan for Christmas, so we stopped in.

When you walk in, there’s a bunch of small carts. The store may be small, but it feels like a BBQ superstore. There’s plenty of meat, grills, charcoal, and pretty much anything you’d need to throw a killer BBQ party! You’ll definitely need a cart (or two) if you’re hosting a BBQ.

After a quick walk around, I found my beef sticks\pepperettes!

I bought two and took them out to the car.

Victoria started driving and I started eating the beef sticks. What I found is the beef stick was more like I’d expect in Wisconsin than a pepperette in Canada. It reminded me a lot of Hewitt’s beef sticks that are made in my hometown of Marshfield, WI. Hewitt’s is one of my favorite brands and it’s a place I really need to blog about. Finding beef sticks that were similar in Texas was pretty amazing! One complaint I have with a lot of Texas beef sticks is they’re dry and greasy. This was not at all the case with Westphalia Meat Market. It was firm and moist. It had a nice smoke flavor to it. Biting into it reminded me a lot of the ones I ate back home. They were excellent! While I didn’t get the pepperette I was looking for, I got something just as good. I can definitely say well done to Westphalia Meat Market. I know I’ll have to make some trips out to Hutto to stock up on those beef sticks!