Oscar Store, Temple, TX

I’m starting to find a lot of gems around the Central Texas area. It seems just outside of Temple there’s a lot of good places to visit. Oscar Store was recommended by Victoria’s grandparents and also several of my readers. It had been sitting on my list a while and I decided now was time to actually visit and check it out. When Victoria and I got there, the parking lot was pretty full. That’s always a good sign!

The outside has a rustic feel to it. You can tell it’s been around a while. The sign is a bit faded and retired farm equipment adorns the area.

To get inside, you have to open a big wooden door.

The rustic feel extends to the inside.

We were directed to an open table and sat down. Our waitress came by and gave us the menus.

Since I was in rural Texas I had to get a Dr. Pepper. It was on the faded sign out front so it was only fitting! The cup it came in was huge!

From the table I looked around a little bit.

The waitress came by and we ordered out food. I was told that the bathroom was an “experience.” I had to go, so I asked where it was. I ended up getting directions to go outside. I was told, “We’re out in the country. We go to the bathroom outside.” I walked outside and there was the “outhouse.”    

After going to the bathroom, I walked back to the table. I took a few pictures of the outside where there was a stage. I then went inside and took a few pictures of the bar and reception hall.

A minute or two after sitting down, our food arrived. I got a cheeseburger with onion rings and Victoria got Nakira’s Sandwich.

I swear you could have made a meal just out of the onion rings that came with my burger! There was so much food there. The burger had a slight char to it, which added a bunch of flavor. The onion rings were nice and crispy. You could tell they came straight out of the deep fryer. Victoria also liked her sandwich. We both were stuffed after eating! I’m starting to come to the conclusion I need to cruise around the more rural areas around Temple. Green’s Sausage House is just up the road from Oscar Store and their food is great! Oscar Store has proven to be another great place to stop by. This area definitely has a lot to offer in terms of food and I can see why they have been thriving for so long! Plus, this is old school Texas. With the gentrification happening in Austin, it’s good to go to places that haven’t lost their Texas roots.