Waterloo Ice House, Austin, TX

With the rapid growth and gentrification, it seems a lot of stuff comes and goes in Austin. Many of the longtime staples have faded with the rise in rents and property taxes. A place that seems to be bucking this trend and staying strong is Waterloo Ice House. Waterloo Ice House has been in Austin since 1976. It’s when the whole Austin Weird thing started. Their style is unique and it’s a cool place to visit. Victoria and I decided to visit their Burnet Road location for breakfast.

When you walk inside you get the feeling of rustic Texas. There’s a long bar bar to sit at if you’re up for having a few drinks. If you prefer to eat, there’s a ton of tables (although you might have to look around to find a spot).

As we sat down the first thing that I noticed was the waitress seemed to know many of the people by name. As she made her way to our table she was greeting them. The place was packed and you know it’s a good sign when it’s all regulars. The waitress put down our utensils. This is the first restaurant that gave a couple extra napkins without requesting them. That is definitely another plus as sometimes you need more than the single napkin that comes with the silverware.

Everything on the menu was tempting and it made it hard to make a choice.

On the menu was their commitment to the quality of their food. They are focused on using local, fresh, and all natural ingredients. Their coffee is custom roasted and everything is made from scratch. Yet another thing that really impressed me!

We both ordered and then I checked the wifi. It was fast!

By now, I was beaming at how great this place is. I wondered if the food also lived up to everything I had experienced so far. It came out fast and there was a lot of it. I ordered a breakfast chicken fried steak with biscuits and gravy. There was so much food I had to lean back in my chair to get a full picture!

Victoria got some pancakes with bacon.

The food was great! I wolfed it down and I was stuffed. I would have kept eating, but I just couldn’t fit anymore in to my belly. I got an eco-friendly to go box to put everything else in.

When it was time to pay, I saw something that I had not seen yet in the United States. They brought the credit card reader to the table. This is common in Canada, but not here. I wish it would become common as it would cut down on credit card theft here. It just goes to show you Waterloo Ice House is forward thinking!

If you’re looking at how a restaurant can perform perfectly, look no further than Waterloo Ice House. I don’t know how they could have done a single thing better. The service was great and I could see if I became a regular, they would know me by name. It is clear there is a commitment to the quality of their food and they care about the customer experience. While they have been around a while, they are forward thinking with fast wifi and also being able to pay at the table. They clearly care about the environment, and also keeping things local and Austin Weird. I can see why they have thrived for so long and I’m sure they’ll do great in the future. I know I’ll be back. I mean look at these beer prices!