Reale’s Italian Cafe, Austin, TX

Since Victoria and I moved to the northwest corner of Austin, we’ve been exploring the shopping center that is across the highway from our apartment. This is home to places like Moonie’s Burger House and Which Wich. We like to visit them often. One place that is also tucked into that same shopping center is this local Italian Cafe called Reale’s. We’ve been meaning to get to Reale’s for a while now. Victoria’s boss absolutely raves about the place. He has asked her several times since we’ve moved close to it if we’ve went there yet. It had been long enough and we were craving Italian food, so we dropped by.

Upon walking inside you realize this isn’t Olive Garden. The interior is upscale.

We were seated right away and given menus. Everything looked tempting!

The area around our table was pleasant and continued the upscale feel of when we first walked in.

We started with bread sticks. They were warm and fresh.

I then got a side salad.

For the main course I got the Sausage and Peppers Platter or what the menu called the “Classic Italian Dish.”

Victoria got the Florentine Calzone which had a bunch of spinach and cheese.

Overall, the food was phenomenal! The sausage had so much flavor to it! That flavor made its way to the rest of the dish and every bite was great. Victoria also loved her Florentine Calzone. The portions were very big and I was stuffed. I made sure to get a to go box as I didn’t want any of this food to go to waste!

Besides the great food, the service was also very good. Everything was speedy and I can tell Reale’s is firing on all cylinders. They do and excellent job overall! I can see why Victoria’s boss really likes this place. I have a feeling with it being so close to where we live, we’ll definitely be back!