Moontower Saloon

One thing I’ve found since I’ve moved to Austin is I don’t go out that much to the bars. Where I live there’s only 1 bar within walking distance and cabs are expensive. Plus, when you work for the state agency that regulates alcohol in a state with insanely strict public intoxication laws, you always have to be on your best behavior. It seems like when I’m on the road like back in Wisconsin or in Thunder Bay, I tend to go out more because I can either get a ride home or crash at a buddy’s place or, in the case of Thunder Bay, the hotel I usually stay at is within walking distance of a few bars. Well, I had just got back from Abilene and my girlfriend was mentioning about going out with some of her friends, as one of her friends was celebrating her master’s degree graduation. She said she would drive, so I had my ride home set. The parking lot was pretty packed. When we were walking over to the bar, I noticed a cool sign.

Now this bar is very interesting. It’s very open in the outside part and it seems like a lot of people bring their dogs.

There’s Texas flag benches you can sit on.

If you want to play volleyball, there’s that too.

Don’t forget the signs to the locally made vodka.

I decided to go to the bar to get a drink and saw the stricter Texas drinking laws posted by the sign for a two drink per person maximum each time you went to the bar. Obviously, I just got a single drink at the bar but I could see how it might be a pain if you’re buying rounds for a bunch of people.

I settled for a Lonestar. I basically call it the, “Old Milwaukee of Texas.”

Talking about Milwaukee, I ran into a fellow native cheesehead, who was also from Milwaukee. We represented Wisconsin well.

My girlfriend’s friends began to show up and it started getting darker. We went over to where the food trucks were. There was one serving all sorts of fried foods.

And a second food Air Stream trailer selling pizza.

Being the Live Music Capital of the World, of course there was a band playing.

It was definitely a good night out to relax, talk to people, and enjoy some live music and Lonestars. I might have to start getting out a bit more and checking out a few more bars in the near future.