Hamm’s Beer

Hamm’s Beer. Many of you have probably never heard of it. It’s been a staple of the Upper Midwest for a very long time. It also has some cool commercials dating way back: It’s also a staple of cheapskate drinkers like myself. When I turned 21 in 2010, it was $1 a can at the bar. Somehow it has been inflation proof and as of 2018, some bars still carry it for $1 a can.

At places like Woodman’s they have it out by the pallet for less than $10 a 30 pack.

Now there’s something special about Hamm’s. It’s formulated like no other beer and gives meaning to the phrase, “getting drunk and stinky.” Getting the “Hamm’s sh*ts” is a real thing. There has to be some special ingredient in it that loves to mess with your guts and gets you all gassy. It’s one of the unique experiences you will get if you overindulge in this beer. I’d recommend making sure your room is vented well after a heavy night of drinking or it’ll have a nice distinct smell in the morning. For being a cheap beer, the taste is actually pretty good. Maybe it’s just grown on me since I’ve drank so much over the years. My friends give me crap about my love of Hamm’s, but I’ll stick to my old trusty cheap beer. When I would visit Wisconsin I’d bring back a 30 pack or two with me. Recently, I’ve started seeing it show up at HEB around Austin. I wanted to buy a 30 pack of it, but every HEB was out of it. On my fourth attempt to buy it, I finally found an HEB in College Station that had it. I made sure to wear my Hamm’s t-shirt for the occasion.

Of course when I got home I had to crack one by my Packer flag.

I sat down and finished that off and had another one or two.

Lately, I’ve been being healthier and drinking Hamm’s Light (my dad also gave me a 30 pack of Hamm’s Light for free).

Now, I’m making a claim on this beer before the Hipsters do. They’ve already ruined PBR’s reputation and also tried to make $30 rip-off Big Mac’s. I’m sure they’ll see this cheap beer and think they’re being all original by drinking it. In reality, it’s been a staple of the Upper Midwest since 1865 and is the beer for cheapskates like me. If you see me out at a bar, especially in Marshfield, Wisconsin, I’ll probably be drinking a Hamm’s. Around my apartment I have a stash of it and it’s my go to beer. While a lot of my friends look down on it, I’ll proudly drink it. It’s dirt cheap, tastes decent, and my body has finally adapted to whatever special ingredient they put in it. Long live Hamm’s Beer!