Vinyl Record Show in Bryan TX

As you probably know I love music. It fuels my road trips and I buy a lot of CDs to listen to. Lately I've been getting into vinyl. It's nice to turn the clock back a few decades and go fully analog and physical with my music.

I'll hit up music stores and also if a good record convention comes to town, I'll check it out. Recently, Victoria's grandma recommended a record convention that was near them in Bryan, TX. Victoria and I headed there to check it out. I knew it was going to be good when I saw a bunch of U-Hauls in the parking lot.

We went inside and got our wristbands.

We came during the “early bird” time so it wasn't very crowded.

There was actually a record label called, “Perris Records.”

I started looking at the selection of music and realized a lot of my buddy Ryan's favorite bands were recorded by this label. I started talking to Tom, the owner. I wanted to pass on his information to Ryan. If you remember Ryan, he has the show Lipstick and Leather on CILU. When I mentioned this to Tom he said he actually knew Ryan and Ryan had ordered a bunch of CDs from him over the last 15-20 years!

It's kind of crazy how small of a world it is! I was literally hanging out with Ryan in Thunder Bay a little earlier that week. To be half the continent away in Texas and talk to a guy who knows Ryan was just mind blowing!

I decided to buy two Helix CD's from him.

I also got a cool sampler CD.

For vinyl Victoria and I got BTO, T.Rex, Carol King, and My Fair Lady.

I would have to say going to this record convention was a success. T.Rex was actually the last vinyl album we had on our list. We were able to find a few more things so that's always great! I know this is the first year for this record convention to come to Bryan. They're in a few other cities so hopefully we'll get to visit it again in Bryan and also those other cities!

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