Highland Lanes & Lebowski’s Grill, Austin, TX

I haven’t been bowling in a while. The last time I went bowling is when I was in Canada. Prior to that, it was many years. In Austin there’s a place called Highland Lanes. It sits on the corner of US-183 and Burnet Road. I drive past this place all the time. Victoria and I have always talked about bowling here, but we never got around to it. We finally decided we needed to stop and make a date night there.

Something that has always caught my attention was the sign for Lebowski’s Grill. I figured it had to do something with the movie The Big Lebowski. Bowling is definitely a big part of that movie.

The front doors are tinted black as night.

Upon walking in it is much brighter.

We got our shoes and went down to our assigned lane.

We both took to bowling.

All the bowling made us hungry. We had to time it just right, because the line for Lebowski’s Grill would get long.

There was finally a break in the line! We went up there and ordered.

Lebowski’s Grill lived up to its The Big Lebowski theme. The menu had items like, “The Dude,” “The Walter,” and “The Donny.”

They had a rug on the wall and their tip jar said, “The Dude Abides.”

I could also see everything was cooked fresh to order. They took special care to season their fries.

I got a large Mountain Dew and went back to the lane. They’d call our name when the food was done.

Before I knew it, our name was called! The food was here! I got a “The Dude” burger and Victoria got chicken tenders.

The burger tasted fresh. I had everything put on it and the fresh toppings balanced out the burger patty well. Victoria’s chicken tenders had an awesome seasoning on them. I tried a small piece and the seasoning was a blast of flavor! The fries also carried the perfect amount of seasoning. The food was great! In the meantime, I checked the wifi. It had decent speeds for free wifi.

After three games of bowling, we were both getting tired. We turned in our shoes and then had a walk around the bowling alley. There was a nice little bar on one side and a game room on the other.

We stopped and took a selfie by the game room.

We then walked to the car. It was dark out by then. The Highland Lanes sign looked cool all lit up.

I would say we had a successful date night at Highland Lanes. Bowling was fun and the food at Lebowski’s Grill was great! We drive by this place all the time, so I have a feeling we’ll be back!