Top of the Hill Greasy Burgers, Benchley, TX

In today’s health crazed world, anything greasy is taboo. That is, unless you really want to indulge. When it comes to Top of the Hill Greasy Burgers, there’s no false advertising in the name. They deliver on great tasting burgers that are full of greasy flavor. Top of the Hill Greasy Burgers is literally nestled on the top of a hill in Benchley, TX. What was once a grocery store has turned into a hole in the wall burger joint with tons of character.

I could tell the food was good judging by the parking lot. It was packed! We had to wait a while to find a parking spot. I see there was a group of people who decided to park multiple vehicles in a spot.

A parking spot finally opened up, so we parked and went inside.

We were met with a big line.

Surprisingly, the line moved fast. There was a lady taking everyone’s orders and giving them their order tickets. I took a quick glance at the menu and ordered.

At one time, this place was a grocery store that sold hamburgers on the side. Now it’s really a hamburger joint that sells groceries on the side. There are still a small amount of groceries to choose from. They’re presented like they would be in an old school general store.

The line kept moving and we made our way to pay.

I noticed a sign on the wall saying they used Ruffino Meats. I found out Ruffino Meats is Readfield Meat’s wholesale division. I do love seeing the connections between local businesses. It makes me feel good that I’m shopping local and supporting a local economy.

When I got my drink cup I saw another local product, Boots Beverages. This company is just down the road in Bryan, TX. I got Boots’ version of Dr. Pepper.

We sat down right by the pickup counter.

I noticed there was no wifi, but a CD jukebox. This definitely took me back in time a bit.

That jukebox had a bunch of country music CDs in it. I’d expect nothing less for a place like this!

The food came out and I could see they weren’t lying about greasy hamburgers!

The burger tasted great in its greasy glory! The meat was fresh and juicy. The lettuce, pickles, and mayo complimented everything else well. In many ways, it was a burger made in heaven! Instead of normal fries, I got their “Hot Dam” fries.

When I posted the above picture of the Hot Dam fries on Instagram I knew my Canadian readers would jump on it. I knew they would assume there was finally a Texas-style poutine out there. Well, there’s no gravy on these fries. The white stuff on top of the fries is a nice and creamy ranch dressing. Besides ranch dressing there’s bacon, cheese, grilled onions, and jalapeƱos. It’s a pure blast of flavor! It’s definitely on the heavier side and between it and the burger, I was stuffed. I wolfed down the whole burger and tried to eat as many Hot Damn fries as I could. Since they were so good, I got a to go box. I didn’t want any of these to go to waste!

There was also a bulletin board. I was able to tag it with one of my cards.

Upon leaving, the parking lot was still packed. There was also a friendly dog that wandered around outside.

I really like Top of the Hill Greasy Burgers. It’s as authentic as you’re going to get and true to its local roots. The food is great. It’s where you leave your diet behind and indulge. It’s definitely worth the drive to the top of the hill in little ole Benchley, TX!