Aggieland Outfitters, College Station, TX

Victoria finally got the license plates for her new car. Being the good Aggie she is, she wanted to get a Texas A&M license plate holder. Since we were in the Bryan-College Station area, she knew Aggieland Outfitters would be the perfect spot to buy it. Aggieland Outfitters is one of the premier places to get Texas A&M gear. You can tell this when you are driving down the road. There’s a huge Texas A&M flag to mark their presence.

We got there and parked.

The first thing I noticed was the big thumb with an Aggie ring on it.

I had Victoria pose by it. Of course she was wearing her Aggie ring.

We made out way in and it was packed! Just about anything you could think of to slap the Texas A&M logo on was there.

After a little walking around, we found the license plate holders.

Victoria grabbed the one she wanted and we proceeded to checkout. This visit in itself was brief and to the point, but I know we’ll be back. Victoria and I have talked about having a Texas-themed room when we eventually buy a house. Aggieland Outfitters is definitely a one stop shop for anything Texas A&M! They’ll definitely make it easy to fill up that room!