A Texas Wedding in Colorado

I've written about both Wisconsin and Texas weddings I've been to. Each has its own set of traditions. The most recent wedding I went to was in Colorado, but it was very much a Texas wedding.

Victoria's dad Jim had moved to the Denver area almost two years ago. Prior to that, he lived in the Austin area for many years. His fiancee Judy also lived in Austin for many years. They decided to have their wedding in Colorado. The majority of people who attended came from Texas, so it was very much a Texas wedding in Colorado.

The wedding took place at the Heather Gardens Clubhouse.

The service took place in the auditorium. Victoria's aunt Caroline officiated.

After the service, we headed to the dining room.

I got my card for the filet mignon.

Before I could dig into that, rolls and salad came out.

The main course was in front of me soon.

This was the first time I had filet mignon. This hunk of meat was juicy and flavorful on the inside. The bacon on the outside added a nice salty finish.

Victoria likes leaner meats, so she got the chicken parmesan. I was told it was very good.

Once everyone was done eating, there was the first dance.

There was a little more dancing and then the sendoff. We threw birdseeds as the happy couple made their way to the car.

The wedding was nice, and I was glad I was able to attend. Congratulations to Jim and Judy!

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