Wednesday Weekly September 5: Austin and Bryan

The past week I've been working on getting everything in order. I started working on my 2007 Focus again. I have half the car torn apart and I still can't get to the thermostat.

Some YouTube videos have been telling me to take off the power steering pump. That requires taking off the belt. Taking off the belt requires using a breaker bar. I had to run to Autozone to buy one.

There's no false advertising in the name of breaker bar. When I used it on the belt tensioner to relieve the tension, the belt tensioner broke.

I guess I have yet another thing to fix. I'm assuming the corrosion from the car originally being a Northern car is what cause it to break. I guess this car is a good learning experience for me. Luckily I can let it sit in my garage and take my time with it.

The next order of business was going downtown to the Texas Secretary of State. I am in the process of starting a consulting business and needed to file the paperwork for the LLC.

When I got home, I see a squirrel was using the other stairwell at my apartment.

For our Friday lunch date, Victoria and I went to Newk's.

On Saturday, Victoria and I decided to take a trip to Bryan to visit her grandparents. We started the morning off with Whataburger.

On the way pulling out, I saw an older car. I bet this car has less corrosion than my 2007 Focus and I wouldn't break things trying to work on it.

From Austin, it was smooth sailing to Bryan.

We visited Victoria's grandparents for a little bit and then went to J. Cody's for some good BBQ.

After eating, we checked to see if Curious Collections had any used Brownsville Station or T. Rex records. They didn't, but the treasure hunt was fun anyway.

The main reason for us being in that area was to fill up jugs at Jacob's Well for Victoria's grandparents. We filled up 10 gallons of water in no time!

The rest of the day we hung out at Victoria's grandparents' house. Her aunt, uncle, and cousin came over and we had pizza delivered. The time went fast! When we looked at the clock we realized it was late. We hit the road for some night driving.

There was a person behind us tailgating us for a long time. We weren't exactly driving slow and this person had plenty of opportunities to pass but didn't. They finally hammered on it after we hit a four lane road. I guess they wanted to go much faster than what the speed limit said. A little bit after they passed us, they caught the attention of the cops.

On Sunday Victoria and I did a little shopping. One of our stops was Piranha Records. They also didn't have any used Brownsville Station or T. Rex!

One of the things I did buy on Sunday was a cheap laptop. I'm looking to transition myself to more open source software for this blog. It'll be something I'll write about more in the future.

As of right now I've just been applying for jobs and getting other things in order. There's a lot going on and hopefully I'll have some other cool things to blog about in the near future!

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